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Contact lenses usually serve the same corrective purpose as glasses, but are lightweight and virtually invisible—many commercial lenses are tinted a faint blue to make them more visible when immersed in cleaning and storage solutions. Some cosmetic lenses are deliberately colored to alter the appearance of the eye. Lenses now have a slight bluish tint which is a thin UV coating; this reduces glare and cornea damage much like a pair of sunglasses.
People choose to wear contact lenses for many reasons, often due to their appearance and practicality.

When compared to spectacles, contact lenses are less affected by wet weather, do not steam up, and provide a wider field of vision. They are more suitable for a number of sporting activities. Additionally, ophthalmological conditions such as keratoconus and aniseikonia may not be accurately corrected with glasses.

Type of lenses

Hard Lens

Advantages :
Long life
Simple care required
More stable
Corrects corneal astigmatism ( cylindrical power)
Not permeable to gases or water. So more corneal suffocation, which may be bad in the long run.
Adaptation more difficult compared to soft lens.
More irritable in wind/dust/heat.
More spectacle blur with longer wear. (Spectacle blur is temporary blurring of vision after removing a contact lens & using spectacles by and of a day).
Gas Permeable lens:
  Advantages :
Permeable to gases so corneal suffocation minimized.
Spectacle blur absent or negligible.
Simple to handle and care for corrects corneal astigmatism
Extended wear possible
Less stable than hard lens.
More incidence of material allergy.
More irritable in wind/dust/heat.
Soft Lens :
Most comfortable; hardly any adaptation symptoms.
Can be worn intermittently or occasionally.
Extended wear possible i.e., wearing lenses for several days without removal.
Good for children and invalids.
Disadvantages :
Short life - about 6 - 18 months.
Complicated care systems
Can not correct corneal astigmatism
More risk of eye threatening infections
More incidence of material related allergy.
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Contact Lenses
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