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Eye Care
Avoid marriages between first cousins or blood relative to avoid genetic diseases like Retinitis Pigmentosa and many others.
During Pregnancy
Adequate nutrition esp. milk, vegetables, fruits.
No medicine or X-Rays without the Doctor’s permission.
Medical Termination of Pregnancy, in cases having high probability of genetic malformation.


Consult an ophthalmologist immediately if a child has:
Redness of eyes with watering or discharge.
Squinted eyes
Obvious malformation of eyes
Swelling around eyes
Difficulty in focusing his vision even after the age of 6 months
Disinterest in outdoor games or difficulty in seeing or reading distant
Habit of watching TV or reading from very close distance
Complaint of recurrent headache
Give the child adequate nutrition through balanced diet esp. milk, vegetables, carrots, fruits etc.
Avoid application of kajal, soorma or any other substance in the child’s eye.
Always give them toys that do not have sharp edges or points.
Never allow a child to play with sharp objects like needles, Knives, blades, rods, bow & arrow water balloons.
Allow bursting of firecrackers in the supervision of an adult only.

Checkup of Vision :
At 3-4 years of age ( pre-nursery ) to screen out Amblyopia ( lazy eye)
Every year if one has glasses.


Avoid injuries and accidents esp. in industrial work like welding, grinding etc., by using appropriate shields and masks.
Avoid risk factors like obesity, smoking and undue stress which may lead to diabetes or hypertension.
Retinal examination, esp. in myopic eyes ( i.e. with minus numbers ) to detect proneness to retinal detachment.
Retinal examination for Diabetic patients to screen out Diabetic Retinopathy
Checkup for Glaucoma after 45 year of age esp. for diabetics and blood relatives of glaucoma cases.

Regular check up of myopics, diabetics, hypertensive, aphakiks ( after cataract removal), glaucoma cases and timely treatment of the problems.

General Eye Care for All Ages:
Avoid unnecessary eye drops especially steroids
Maintain proper posture while reading.
Always work in well – illuminated environment.
Take adequate rest and sleep.
Always wear cap / sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunrays, dust and wind.
Avoid splashing water into your eyes.
Never watch a solar – eclipse with naked eyes or without proper shield.

Glaucoma Management
Diabetic Retinopathy Care
Retinal Detachment Surgery
Cornea Grafting
Refractive Surgery
Oculoplastic Surgery
Squint Correction
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